Energy efficiency & Environment
  • It is obvious that the global climate is changing. Energy costs are exploding and the trend suggests it will continue to increase. Therefore, saving energy is more important than ever!
    According to “DIRECTIVE 2010/31/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 19 May 2010 on the energy performance of buildings” the building sector contributes up to 30% of global annual green house gas emissions and consumes up to 40% of all energy. Given the massive growth in new construction in economies in transition, and the inefficiencies of existing building stock worldwide, if nothing is done, greenhouse gas emissions from buildings will more than double in the next 20 years.

  • It is a fact that people spend most of their lifetime inside buildings. According to some researchers, the time spent inside buildings is equivalent to 90% of our daily lives. Therefore, the quality of indoor air has a high influence on the health of its occupants. Achieving a comfortable microclimate is directly related to the presence of quality ventilation.

  • Unfortunately, it has been proven that a significant part of the energy consumed within buildings is lost when using poor ventilation systems. This fact produces financial consequences for the users and contributes to pollution of the environment. Theoretical research and standard practices show that reducing energy costs and increasing the efficiency of a ventilation system could easily be achieved by re-using the warmth contained in the extract air within a room. This is where DamVent’s max.e solution becomes important.