Complex Solutions, based on individual customer request

Besides complex solutions in a series of "e-conomizers" aimed at comfort ventilation and air conditioning, Damvent offers "customized solutions" aimed at more sophisticated treatment processes of the air and maintenance the temperature and relative humidity within narrow limits.

The units are designed based on max.e, with some additional modifications, both in terms of design and components, and in terms of software for management and processes and integrated heat pump is the basis for each.

Areas of application:

  • Clean Rooms - max.e-H (hygienic version) – Operating Rooms, Pharmacy, Electronics and Microelectronics, Food industry
  • Process Dehumidification in the industry and maintaining temperature and relative humidity in the room in a narrow range
  • Server rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Production with special (explosive) characteristics of the exhaust air - Ex / ATEX
  • Non-standard Air-Handling Units for the industry with airflow from 20 000 up to 100 000m3/h with a high recovery efficiency E = 85÷91%

* Due to the specifics of each of the above applications it is recommended the participation of Damvent’s specialists since the beginning of the design process and proper selection and sizing of the systems.