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According to EN14825, the highest Energy Efficiency Class for Heat Pumps is A+++ with a SCOP=3.75 (high temperature) -4.38 (low temperature). With a SCOP=3.8÷6.5 (of the refrigerant circuit) and a COPnet of the whole system SCOPnet= 5÷15, max.e3 is far ahead of the competition.

*SCOPnet- seasonal efficiency of a unit in active heating mode, without supplementary electric heaters which is determined from mandatory conditions given in this EU standard and used for marking, comparison and certification purposes.

COPnet  =   Qrotory exchanger Qheat pump



    1. Qrotory exchanger - recovered heat in the rotary heat exchanger (kW)
    2. Qheat pump - heating capacity of the condenser of the heat pump (kW)
    3. Nfans - energy consumption of both (supply and exhaust) fans (kW)
    4. Ncompressors - energy consumption of the compressors (kW)