max.e 3

The solutions from the max.e3 series are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 1886 – (Ventilation for buildings-Air handling unitsMechanical Performance).

max.e3 is designed as a system with the structure of the unit on sizes 02 to 30, manufactured as a mono-block consisting of aluminium profile, supporting elements, connection angles and locking accessories.

The profiles are made of extruded aluminum the size of which varies depending on the unit size and panel thickness. Anodized aluminum profile which offer superior corrosion resistance in aggressive and humid climates is also available as an option.

Each unit is mounted on a 3mm thick galvanized sheet steel C section base frame. The base frame standard height is 100 mm. The design of the base frame allows moving and positioning of the unit by crane or forklift.

Unit enclosure panels are double skinned and manufactured from galvanized sheet steel and 50mm mineral wool insulation having a density of 75kg/m3. Both the inner and outer skins have a powder polymer coating. The insulation material is thermal and sound absorbing, fire and high temperature resistant, mineral wool which is CE certified in accordance with EN14303.

The components wherein condensation may occur (such as direct expansion coils and plate heat exchanger) are equipped with a condensate drain pan. The condensate is removed via drain outlets connected to siphons.