max.e 3

max.e3 is fully equipped with all necessary automation and all executive mechanisms. The electric switchboard is integrated into the unit and located on the operation side.
The "Brain" of max.e3 is a controller which controls and manages all processes and protects the unit from eventual cut-offs. The software is developed with a high level of know-how and it automates all processes. Only the parameters (temperature and relative humidity) of the room need to be input. The controller automatically chooses in which of the 4 processes to work depending on variables input for the outside temperature, the set point temperature, and the supply and room temperatures.

BMS - It can interface to the more widely used communication standards, either directly or via gateways: 

  • Plan
  • Modbus®
  • BACnet™
  • TCP/IP
  • SNMP
  • LonWorks® (Enchelon®)

All of the units from the type "e-conomizer" allow into the corresponding connector of the pCO controller to be mounted specialized pCO WEB circuit board for internet connection.

The built-in pCO WEB circuit board, allows a permanent internet connection to max.e3 from any location in the world and helps you/us to make adequate reaction to situations requiring fast and accurate solutions to the problem. READ MORE