max.e 3

max.e3 use EC Blue (Electronically Commutated) Plug Fans – with frequency inverter from the type Cpro of the company Ziehl-Abegg. Fan wheel statically and dynamically balanced on the axis of the direct-driven motor. Fan wheel together with the motor are mounted on a common base frame with vibration dampers.

Using EC Blue fans max.e3 ensures the highest IE4 Premium Efficiency and ErP conformity- 2015/EC controller integrated. The high-performance composite material Cpro ZAmid®, developed using the latest insights, makes the impeller significantly lighter than those made of steel - and offers superior mechanical properties. ZAmid®, provides new opportunities for system runtimes, enables lower power consumption and leads to a drastic reduction in noise.

Cpro ZAmid® is manufactured using a one - shot injection-moulding process in a highly complex injection-moulding machine, resulting in no welded joints. This highly technical process ensures the highest system reliability. 

Innovation at a glance:

⇒ Significant weight reduction, which reduces motor bearing loads and increases the system service life

Drastic reduction in noise generation

Significant increase of the impeller efficiency, which reduces the absorbed power

Reduced power consumption

⇒ Up to 15% energy savings during operation

Significant CO2 reduction

Improved mechanical properties, comparable with steel

No weld seams

High peripheral velocities up to 70 m/s

Can be combined with various types of motors

Tonal noise reduction up to 5 dB

Suitable for operational temperatures from -20°C to +80°C, comparable with steel impellers


No toxic gas emissions


SFPe - even lower values, compared to max.e2

Specific Fan Power (SFPe) ≤ 1700 W/m3/s - total for the unit, and lower values can be achieved by max.e3 The system's Specific Fan Power (SFPe) calculation is based on clean filters and acc. to EN13779:

SFPe=(Psfm+Pefm)/Qmax [W/m3s], where:

  • Psfm - power supplied to the supply air fan (W)
  • Pefm - power supplied to the exhaust air fan (W)
  • Qmax - largest supply or extract airflow through the AHU (m3/h)