max.e 3

Filters are installed at the entrance of the unit to ensure normal operation of the AHU and to prevent contamination of the components.

Microcell filters are used in the units max.e3. These filters are made of plated micro glass paper and spaced with hotmelt adhesive beads which are uniformly positioned to deliver optimum airflow. The frame is constructed with composite material (plastic) and 130mm Galvanized steel sheets. The Classes of filtration are F6 (standard), F7, F8 and F9 (optional).

One of the benefits of using this type of filter is that despite the turbulence, variable air volume, and vibration found in the system, it performs perfectly. Since the air passes equally through Microcell filters, a maximum service life is achieved. Microcell filters are unaffected by fan shut down or start up, can resist up to 1000 Pa. of differential pressure, and work perfectly in humid conditions.


  • More filtration area - 50% higher filtration area, compared to EU5 bag filter
  • Lower Pressure Drops - being compact and rigid the pressure drops are lower than bag filters
  • Higher Final Pressure Drops - resist up to a differential pressure of 1000 Pa
  • Longer Service Life - lower initial and higher final pressure drops increases the service life.
  • Reduced labor and service costs - due to shorter time for changing the filters
  • Lighter than the metal frame version for a smaller environmental impact and easier handling
  • Reducing the SFP factor due to lower pressure drops Ultra compact - only 130mm.

All Mikrocell filters have EUROVENT Certificate N: 09.07.434.