max.e 3

100% DX unit

No additional water, electric or DX heating/cooling coils are needed in the max.e3, which makes it independent to other additional heating/cooling sources (boilers, gas, chillers, VRF systems, etc.)

Refrigerant circuit – semi-hermetic

The refrigerant circuit contains 1 or 2 circuits, depending on the type of the unit. The refrigerant used is eco friendly R407C.
max.e3 03, max.e3 06, max.e3 09, max.e3 15 and max.e3 18 use "Scroll" compressors (1, 2 or 4 pcs. – depending on the type of the unit). max.e3 02 uses a "Rotary" compressor. All of the max.e3 units contain high efficiency direct expansion coils which are made from copper tubes and aluminum fins and are equipped with a condensate drain pan.
EUROVENT Certificate: 10.02.450

Stepless Capacity Control

  • Precise Control and Efficiency- Digital Scroll™ technology provides continuous, stepless modulation over a wide range (from 10÷100%), with no operating envelope restriction. As a result, ambient temperature and humidity can be tightly controlled for superior comfort and load variations can be quickly followed for improved seasonal efficiency
  • Stepless heating/cooling capacity control
  • Increased ESEER/IPLV (European Seasonal Energy Effiecient Ratio/Integrated Part Load Value) values achieved by reducing the power input in part load operations
  • Constant Supply Temperature - superior control of the supply air temperature (±0.5÷1oC) is managed, avoiding unpleasant temperature differences, and thus significant improvement to comfort in the room
  • Higher Reliability - Compressor cycling is reduced to a minimum ensuring optimum system efficiency and longer life expectancy of the equipment