Uni Hospital in Panagyurishte, Bulgaria

Total number of 39 pieces of AHU for the whole ventilation of the hospital complex.

The total treated flow air is 115 750m3/h.

The AHUs are with class of filtration up to F9. All of the AHUs use our 2-stage thermo dynamic heat recovery technology (plate heat exchanger/sorption wheel and heat pump).

5 pieces max.e-mini 1. Total treated airflow-5500m3/h.

1 piece max.e-mini 2. Total treated airflow-2800m3/h.

1 piece max.e2-02. Total treated airflow-1600m3/h.

3 pieces max.e2-03. Total treated airflow-7400m3/h.

1 piece max.e2-09. Total treated airflow-8000m3/h.

2 pieces max.e3-02. Total treated airflow-3600m3/h.

1 pieces max.e3-03. Total treated airflow-2650m3/h.

1 piece max.e3-04. Total treated airflow-3400m3/h.

3 pieces max.e3-H 02. Total treated airflow-5000m3/h. Hygienic version.

7 pieces max.e3-H 03. Total treated airflow-16800m3/h. Hygienic version.

9 pieces max.e3-H 04. Total treated airflow-33800m3/h. Hygienic version.

5 pieces max.e3-H 06. Total treated airflow-25200m3/h. Hygienic version.

The Air Handling Unit is equipped with internet communication circuit board for remote access and BMS communication card.