Health and Safety Policy




The management of the organization, together with its employees and workers, works for continuous improvement of the offered products and services, realised in healthy and safe working conditions, meeting the expectations of the interested parties in strict compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.


The practical implementation of the policy will be achieved through:

  1. Implementation, certification, and maintenance of a system for managing health and safety working conditions according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO 45001:2018.
  2. Committing staff to injury and illness prevention, to continuous improvement of occupational health and safety management, and to occupational health and safety outcomes.
  3. Development in the management and executive staff of diligence and personal skills for responsibility and precision in fulfilling the requirements for health and safety working conditions and demonstrating them to the interested parties.
  4. Ensuring full compliance with the requirements of current legislation relating to occupational health and safety hazards and other requirements adopted by the organization.
  5. Confirmation of trust, correctness, and exchange of information with customers, suppliers and control authorities.
  6. Dissemination, introduction, and familiarization of employees at all levels with the policy for health and safety at work and their responsibility for its implementation.
  7. Periodic updating, based on the feedback from measuring its implementation, assessing the adequacy of the changed conditions, publicizing the changes among the staff in the shortest possible time.