Classic ventilation systems versus integrated solutions for fresh air. What is your preference?

In our first knowledge sharing article we are going to talk about classic ventilation systems versus integrated solutions for fresh air. We are going to make a small comparison to help us explain what we see as the major differences between the two of them.

Let’s start with the classic system. It contains many different products, such as an air handling unit, a chiller/VRF, a boiler, pump, pipes and fittings.

All these products speak in different languages; this means they have their own unique automation system. To be able to control all the products, the classic system will need a top level automation system or a BMS. Furthermore an additional integrator is needed to sync the languages, but the results can still be poor.

Because of all of these different products inside a system, we have what we would call ‘shared responsibility’. This can then turn into irresponsibility.

Let’s now look at the Integrated Solution for fresh air.

Here we have all the different elements, with their own functionalities and insulated for low noise, all in one place.

This means, the source of heating, cooling, heat recovery, humidification and dehumidification are all integrated in one unit. We control the processes of the entire integrated solution using a pre-programmable PLC controller. It’s an independent solution that you just plug and play.

What is your preference?