Control. Balance. Harmony.

Harmony, in essence, is a state of interconnectedness. It incorporates a fine balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Any imbalances in these aspects often create chaos or resistance within us, which then reflects the same in our environment.

Harmony is obtained when we have balance. Balance is created when we recognise the struggles that we have within us. Struggle exists because we need a change by action, but often there is a resistance. Struggle is a state that seeks liberation. It demands of us to act in accordance of a better judgement. Very often though, we fail. We act in opposition to what we should be doing.

To obtain balance, we first need to be consciously aware of where the balance needs to be achieved. The struggle is merely a spotlight that shines on the imbalance. It also shines a light on what we consider a struggle as an individual within us. Surely we know what our own flourishing means to us?

To begin to flourish first we need to be in total acceptance of where we are right now.. Do we actually like where we are? Surely change for self is the true change. After all, it is the inner compass, that points North and onwards.

Our roots are grown from the era of communism. We grew strong, disciplined and humbled. We have seeked inspiration from cultures ashore, where we found our affinity abound. 

The Japanese WA is a concept we have bought home here at Damvent. 

WA is harmony. It exists when we put ourselves in other peoples shoes and think, what is great for all? WA does not exist where one thinks only for oneself alone.