DamVent hygienic e-conomizers max.e2-H provide the fresh air for the newly refurbished state of the art Wavell Ward in Whipps Cross University Hospital, Leyton, London

Whipps Cross University Hospital is one of the main hospital facilities in East London, treating more than 1600 people a day. The management of the hospital wants this to work well in to the future, so they become committed to creating a thriving local hospital. The hospital itself faces multiple challenges-the buildings are old (70% of the buildings are over 30 years old and the rest date back to 1940s); the layout of the hospital is confusing for the patients and the staff to navigate; the population is growing. In order to tackle all these challenges the management of the hospital has a plan to provide the patients with 21st Century quality service. This plan will cost the hospital over £80 million for the full overhaul. (www.nhs.uk)

We at DamVent Ltd. Bulgaria are very proud that our hygienic e-conomizers max.e2-H were chosen to provide the fresh air ventilation for the pilot project-the overhaul of the Wavell Ward. For this project DamVent Ltd. supplied max.e2-H 09(9000m3/h)-1pcs.and max.e2-H 03(3000m3/h) -1pcs. Both are hygienic version, made according to the HTM03 standard, using hybrid 2-stage thermodynamic heat recovery, consisting of plate heat exchanger and built-in heat pump, reaching up to 100% recovery of the extract heat. The two e-conomizers were produced as “one piece- mono-block” and 100% factory tested, as all our machines are as standard, so it was a “Plug&Play” installation on site.

Our UK partner Phil Bullock, our automation engineers and the BMS company SSE Enterprise  only had to adjust the communication between the BMS of the hospital and the e-conomizers and the units became fully functional.

We at DamVent Ltd. believe that the fresh air that our e-conomizers supply, helps people live better…and that’s why we always strive to reach and exceed at what we do…