Damvent AHUs for UniHospital-the biggest hospital complex in Bulgaria

Damvent e-conomizers were chosen as the main supplier for ventilation equipment for the newly built UniHospital  in the town of Panagyurishte, Bulgaria. This state of the art multispecialty hospital was opened on 11th July 2016. The total investment was almost 50M Euro. The biggest investment in the Bulgarian Healthcare for the last 25 years. The total floorage is 22 500 sq.m. The hospital has 27 wards, equipped with state of the art medical equipment and 310 beds in comfortable double and single rooms. It employs more than 700 highly qualified medical personnel. The most important part of the hospital is the Oncology Center, which is the most modern facility for cancer treatment on the Balkan Peninsula.

For the comfort ventilation and the “clean room “ ventilation of the hospital wards  are used total of 39 AHUs, all of them delivered by  Damvent  Ltd.  The total treated flow air is 115 750m3/h. 24 of these e-conomizers are being used for “clean room “ ventilation.

The types of AHUs delivering fresh air range from our small “side by side” max.e minis, to max.e2s and max.e3s with class of filtration up to F9. All of the AHUs use our 2-stage thermo dynamic heat recovery technology (plate heat exchanger/sorption wheel and heat pump).   

The AHUs that provide ventilation for the patients’ rooms, the common areas and the administration are standard. For the operating theatres are used hygienic versions of our 3rd generation e-conomizers max.e3 .

Damvent would like to thank the Investor-Asarel Panagyurishte Health JSC and the contractor JDD Clima Ltd for their support.

We at Damvent are very proud that our e-conomizers are used in the best hospital in Bulgaria. This is our contribution to the greater good of our society.

Our main drive has always been to reach our customers’ needs and desires and exceed further.