max.e2-H in Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton

The production of air-handling units (AHU) of hygienic type is a very special process requiring huge efforts from each producer. As a company that has been on the market for more than 25 years, Damvent has gained an invaluable experience in building this type of air-handling units hygienic type. Our facilities and conceptual solutions are trusted by a number of investors, whose areas require special treatment of fresh air - hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories and others.

Using its extensive experience and thanks to the efforts of our partners in the United Kingdom, we were chosen to produce and deliver two pieces of hygiene AHUfrom the series "e-conomizer " - max.e2-03-H (Vnom. = 2500m3 / h ) for renovated hospital Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton.

The supplied equipment service premises with scanners for diagnosis and radiotherapy of cancer, according to local standard for England HTM03-01 and implemented in accordance with the standards EN1886 and VDI 6022 / Part 1-2011-07.

For remote control and monitoring of the air-handling units, they have been integrated to the Building Management System (BMS) of the hospital.