Damvent's new service initiative UK Service Week 2017

For the last 5 years the UK HVAC market has become one of the biggest and fastest developing markets for Damvent, outside of our domestic market – Bulgaria.

To date, 40+ innovative AHUs, from Damvent’s 2nd and 3rd generation max.e range have been delivered. Each AHU has a plate heat exchanger or heat wheel, reverse cycle heat pump and integrated controls.

We will tell you about this success story the next time, when we will celebrate 5 years in the UK HVAC market together with our main partner Energy Efficient Equipment Ltd and its director Phil Bullock.


Today we would like to tell you about our new initiative, ‘SERVICE WEEK – UK’. The main goal of this initiative is during one working week a team of service engineers from the Damvent factory visit as many sites as possible where our max.e solutions are installed. They will check how they work, improve their operation with new software patches, get first hand feedback on their function from the end users – any problems or malfunction, how the long-term work affects the unit’s construction, components and performance, etc.

This feedback will help us to improve the performance and the design of our state-of-the-art AHUs. We also want to hear from our clients how we can improve the functionality of our AHUs and what additional functionalities they would like to have within our e-conomizers. The plan is to have this initiative twice a year.


The first SERVICE WEEK – UK took place this year between 29th October and 4th November. For 5 days the Damvent team together with Phil Bullock succeeded in visiting 8 sites where there are Damvent max.e units.

  • Whipps Cross University Hospital – 2 units.
  • Hadley Wood Hospital – 1 unit.
  • Royal Marsden Hospital – 3 units.
  • Morelands & Riverdale Buildings – 3 units.
  • 62 Paul Street – 1 unit.
  • 100 Union Street – 1 unit.
  • Boden House – 3 units.
  • RAF Cranwell – 3 units.


At two of the sites Nick Hamilton from Hamilton HVAC Ltd, an engineer with extensive experience and expertise, was also with us, as at that time we were negotiating with him to become our Sales&Service partner in the UK.  


During each of the site visits our team of service engineers monitored the work of the AHUs, adjusted some of the settings, loaded new improved software and prepared some of the units for commissioning. All these activities were focused on improving the overall customer experience and the performance of Damvent’s max.e AHU’s.  Some of these sites were still construction sites, therefore our team had to meet all the relevant Health & Safety requirements as well as submitting Risk Assessment and Method Statements.


The overall impression from the clients after the site visits was their happiness and gratitude that Damvent supports them and ensures that all their requirements and needs are met by the Damvent equipment. Some of them confirmed how impressed they were by this premium service and how Damvent is amongst the few companies in the UK HVAC market that provides such a premium service.


We were very proud and satisfied with the results of the 2017 SERVICE WEEK – UK and the kind words of appreciation expressed by our partners and clients.

All of this proved this initiative is an important part of the Damvent premium products and service and that it is here to stay for the future.


We at Damvent would like to thank to everybody who helped us to reach and exceed during this week, namely:

Energy Efficient Equipment Ltd – Phil Bullock

Hamilton HVAC Ltd –Nick Hamilton

Whipps Cross Hospital Estates & Facilities – Gerard Morris

Hadley Wood Hospital Estates & Facilities – Adam Orminston

Link365 Ltd – John Joe Roberts

8Build – Darren Holt

Royal Marsden Hospital Estates & Facilities – Paul Clayden

GBE Services Ltd – Dave McGuigan

Integral Ltd – Jon Boyce

MALA – Frankie Callaghan and Dean Armstrong