Damvent Selection Software

The construction trade is constantly changing with new technologies constantly being introduced. The HVAC industry in particular has seen an influx of selection software that has been created for the sole purpose of selecting units and designing systems.  

At Damvent, we believe that selection software is a very important part of choosing the right solution for the end users requirements. However, the way we see it, current selection software do not give engineers sufficient information to contribute to their designs. Often software will output straight to a catalogue with no further info. We believe that engineers should have more useful information to confirm the designs and systems for the end users.

We took it upon ourselves to develop our own unique selection software for you. Since 2010 we have developed three desktop versions with an online version soon to be released! Our selection software is not for Classic Air Handling Units, selecting sections, but for the simultaneous calculations of coils, filters, compressors, fans and heat recovery, all as an integral part of our Premium Hybrid Integrated Fresh Air Solution. Having these many variables made the software more complicated to build. However, we have done so intentionally so the input data are minimum and output data is maximum accurate and reliable, whilst also providing speed to the calculations. Saving time for the users is the most important feature of our software!!!...Well we achieved less than 5sec. calculation with the desktop version and 30-45sec. with the online version, depending on the Internet Speed...

Selection software is very important and we understand the need to have a simple interface that will assist you in designing the correct unit for your building whilst also giving you reliable and accurate pieces of information.

You can watch a video on how our selection software works here and how to compare it with others...