Damvent Technical Seminar 2017


The 2017 Damvent Technical Seminar will take place on 29th March in Sofia. The venue for the seminar will be the Vitosha hall in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The main lecturer of the event will be ing. Deyan Damyanov, managing partner and head of the R&D department in Damvent Ltd.  

The seminar is mainly intended for HVAC designers and consultants. The main focus will be on informing them about the new models and applications in our 3rd generation hybrid solutions range-max.e3.

A special attention will be paid to our new markets abroad and the reference projects there.  Other topics of the seminar will be the latest versions and improvements in Damvent’s selection software- DV_Select 3.1.

As we all know BMS is getting more and more popular these days, so  we will show  what is the best way to integrate our max.e hybrid solutions  with the BMS in order to get the best possible results.

There also will be a special emphasis on the role of the designer and the consultant in the AHU selection process.

Ing. Deyan Damyanov will make a detailed analysis of the modern and upcoming energy efficiency, environmental and other standards in the HVAC field. How they influence the modern AHUs and how Damvent is always striving to reach and exceed them.

Part of the seminar will be dedicated to the new tendencies in our max.e hybrid solutions and what will be the next steps in their development.

As a bonus for the seminar attendees there will be four brief tutorials on selecting the right max.e hybrid solution; how to calculate correct COP and COPnet; selection software and data analysis and detailed analysis of the AHU control management by Troom and Tsupply.

We would like to share with you all of  this, so we will video record and subtitle the whole seminar and the tutorials, and will share them with you on LinkedIN, our website and our Facebook profile-Damvent Ltd.

We will keep you posted.