Energy. Efficiency. Honesty.

The Sun is central to our Solar System. We orbit gracefully around it, sometimes close some times far, in a perfect calculation. All of nature begins its day with its first glance. Warming our land and our oceans. Photosynthesising our plants and nourishing our food.

At the end of the day, our very own night lamp, the Moon. Cradling us away from complete darkness. We are in awe of its beauty as it pulls the tides of the sea.

Its rhythms reveal secrets and mysteries to spiritual seekers. Encouraging creatures of land and sea, to look up at the Stars, in their vulnerability. Its subtlety and her grace effects us all. Its rays penetrating into the night soil, encouraging seeds to grow from ground into harvest. Its calculations are perfect, as it orbits around us.

The Sun and the Moon have their own energy, work in efficiency and stand in honesty. They have their own substance and personality. Constantly serving us, never failing us. Strong in their principles, givers of life, light and knowledge.

We sit here in awe, wondering…can we raise our energy so high, to meet with the sky? That must be what seeking enlightenment and alignment is all about right?

There are times in life when we have to be fearless in action, standing up for ourselves and others.
There are times in life when we give space to others. The softening of our voice and lending our ears.

Knowing that we are the spark of the bigger picture, what thought do we put to our purpose? The purpose will also dissolve.

So what can we take from the Sun and the Moon? We can take comfort from the their very being. Their continuous light of certainty and of hope. So content in giving selflessly and never growing tired. Rays of blessings upon all without judgment and fear. That’s exactly how we should be.

And how do we get there? By being honest. Honest with ourselves and our intent. So we know what stance we are taking when serving others.