Hybrid Integrated Solutions

In this next knowledge sharing article would like to share our understanding of a Hybrid Integrated Solution, designed for fresh air. For us hybrid means we have two sources of heating, cooling, heat recovery, dehumidification in one system, one solution.

The two sources are passive and active. The first source, which we call passive, is the heat recovery, in this case the sorption wheel. The second source, which we call active, is the built in reversible heat pump. So what’s the key to having a successful hybrid? We believe it’s in the balance and in the control system.

Before you can select a proper Hybrid Integrated Solution, for fresh air, there are some important points that should be considered.

• Is the heat pump reversible, or is it cooling only?

• Is the heat pump built in or is it a remote condenser?
• What is the temperature range of your heat pump?

• What are the additional sources for heating and cooling and why are they needed?

• Does the unit have a recirculation mode?

• Does your heat pump have a capacity control compressor and an electronic expansion valve for better super heat control

• The rotary wheel is the source of heat recovery. Is it using sorption?

• Is it a single one piece unit?

Our Hybrid Integrated Solution is designed to have a temperature range between -15 Deg C and +40 Deg C. To achieve proper heating, we have made use of the circulation mode for a better start up mode. Because our rotary wheel is sorption we can also utilise recovery on the relative humidity side.

The best part is that our single unit is assembled in the factory, so no efforts are required for on-site fabrication. It’s the ideal plug in and play solution.