Meet Matthew Tickle! Matthew is our Damvent agent based in London.

Can you tell us a bit about your career?

I founded TICKLE in 2016. Prior to this I had 18 years as a sales agent, starting work with my father, who taught me everything about mechanical engineering for technical sales. Before that I worked as an apprentice for building services consultants, contractors and an AHU and ductwork manufacturer.

What sort of things are you doing for Damvent?

Sales, generation and implementation of marketing plans, business development strategies, creation and delivery of CPDs, securing specifications, generating enquiries, following up quotes and closing orders. Our main focus is on lead generation, building brand awareness, follow up and ultimately generating sales.

What motivates you now?

My family, my health, the team at TICKLE and the success of the companies we work with. I also believe it’s important to do as much as you can for no return, so I am motivated by my volunteering roles with The MAA, The Sales Peoples Charity and an Alumni Mentoring Programme for young people.

What's next?

With the amount of engineers involved in our network I believe we we can make a positive difference in the resource consumption of the world. I have always worked with companies who follow the same vision. I am very passionate that this is one of my purposes in life.