Meet Murray! Our Agent in Scotland.

Can you tell us a bit about your career?

"I started working in technical sales for a metal pressings manufacturer, after 2 years I moved into the HVAC industry."

"I moved back to Scotland 5 years later in a role with a chimney company and have worked with flues ever since."

"I set up on my own as an agent, still working with Flues but now able to add boilers, CHPs & water heaters to my portfolio.

The opportunity to return to one of my first passions, ventilation, was a welcome addition."

What motivates you now?

"Finding the next thing that interests me!

Technology, the next new interesting and/or clever product, (e.g. hybrid solutions for fresh air), anything that has some kind of USP, something that I can pick apart and then sell.

Ideally, finding a product that I can pull apart technically and then enthuse about to my customers."

Whats next for you?

"To grow my business. I want to build on my reputation as a flue specialist and become more recognised for all of the products I represent.

I am always on the lookout for the next interesting thing, hence the excitement around Damvent."