New organization structure in Denmark
Dear Customers/Partners,

Due to the general market conditions in Europe, and in relation to improving efficiency, the management of DamVent has decided to restructure its organization on the Danish market.

Since the beginning of its activity in Danmark (May 2010), the company has been represented by Mr.Torben Nielsen (Sales Representative).

With his help, continuous efforts and enthusiasm we succeed to create a good network of customers and realized several reference projects. We would like to thank Torben for his professionalism and dedication and wish him best of all in his future work.

In the future Damvent will be represented by a company-partner. Danmark is one of our first export markets, which remains with the highest priority for us, and with this new collaboration we aim not only to improve and strengthen our efficiency and sales on the local market, but also to make our first steps on the other Scandinavian markets.

Within the end of the first quarter of 2012 we will put an official statement for the new partner, our relations and future directions. Until then, all quotations, offers and necessary technical support on current and future projects will be covered by our central office in Burgas (for contact details, please visit our renewed website: www.damvent.com)

For us as a company this would be an important step in our development and we hope it will not interfere in any negative way our relations, but it will only improve them.

DamVent will continue to offer You, the highest class energy-efficient “state to the art” solutions for ventilation and air-conditioning, using “2 stage thermodynamic heat recovery technology” with heat pump. 

With Best regards,

Deyan Damyanov 06/02/2012
Executive Officer Burgas
DamVent Ltd. Bulgaria