New Sales Manager in Romania

Dear Customers and Partners,

DamVent was initially presented in Romania (Мay 2010 y.) by Eng. Razvan Bratu (Sales Manager). With his help, continuous efforts and enthusiasm, we managed to develop a good network of customers and to materialize a decent number of referenced projects. At present, in Romania we have more than 40 delivered and installed units from the series “e-conomiser”.

At the current moment we have taken the decision to continue our professional development in different directions. We would like to thank Razvan for his professionalism and dedication and to wish him the very best in his future activity.

From 1st of November 2013y. DamVent LTD – Romania will be represented on the whole territory of Romania by eng. Petru Cosei. His location is city of Bucharest, but at the same time he will travel actively to all our customers in Romania.

Who is Petru Cosei? Young and ambitious, but with great knowledge and experience (more than 7 years) in the field of HVAC systems. During his professional career he has been through all stages in the development of a project, such as: Designing, making offers of equipment, managing. Also he took place in the whole process of selling, servicing and maintaining HVAC equipment. This gives us confidence that he will be able to justify your expectations and requirements.

Given the above mentioned facts, we kindly ask You to send all your future quotations, including technical information, prices and any other information that You may need about our complex solutions from the “e-conomiser” series or any other, to the following contacts: eng. Petru Cosei – Salles Director DamVent LTD - Romania

 Mobile: +40733065688
 Skype: romania_damvent
 e-mail: romania@damvent.com

With the idea of quicker entry and getting in contact with our new colleague, he will contact you for a personal meeting in a convenient time for You, where he will inform You with our new operation structure and some others details and updates.

For us as a company, this will be very important step in our development and we hope that this change will improve our relationship with You.