New Service Team in Sofia

With the rapidly increasing number of those produced by Damvent conceptual solutions and increasing their demand, there have also increased the requirements of our customers in terms of the guarantee and warranty support. Logical action of ours was to decide on the expansion of our service team. So, in October 2014, that our step was quick and we have built their service unit on the territory of the city of Sofia.

The produced by Damvent conceptual solutions, series "e-conomizer" are hybrid machines,which are characterized by a high degree of automation of the processing of fresh air. The use of high-end energy-efficient machine brings with it the need for quality maintenance.

All our service engineers are highly skilled and trained in every detail of our machines. The monitoring, their commissioning or their maintenance is carried out by our service professionals, and their performance is based on the needs of our customers.

The regular and timely maintenance of specialists of Damvent, pays off by:

- Guaranteed machine/s warranty extension

- Prevention of expensive and inconvenient accidents

- Extension of the useful life of equipment servicing

- Reduction of energy costs - many studies today show that not well supported (operated machines) consume up to 20% more energy than those, which are regularly maintained.