Sopharma Business Towers

DamVent won the delivery of 20 pcs. recovery heat pump units VEDA Max.E-Mini for the current new building “green” project  of Class A-  Sopharma Business Towers

Logically in relation to the new requirements for energy savings, as well as for the class of the buildings, „е-conomizer” units were preferred

Specially for this project, the solution VEDA Max.E-Mini was improved and modified, using the highest energy class IE3 plug fans with built-in frequency regulator. A special recirculation damper, allowing the unit to work at the lowest ambient temperatures, without having the need of additional heating source was added. Special sound absorption materials were used, to reduce the sound pressure and thus achieve the required noise levels into the rooms. Each unit will be manufactured with built-in free programmable DDC controller, with connection to the central BMS.

For the needs of the project are manufactured both standard sizes of VEDA Max.E-Mini- Mini 1 with airflows up to 2000m3/h and Mini 2 with airflows up to 3200m3/h.

Winning this prestigious project, DamVent confirm once again its position of leader in manufacturing and innovations of complex solutions for ventilation and air-conditioning with the highest energy class and highest energy recovery efficiency.

DamVent gratefully thanks the Investor- Sopharma Properties, for their decision to entrust us again.