The Biggest single Damvent project in Hungary

It’s been quite some time since we last posted a new project. But the project that we are going to present to you today is a very special project for Damvent.

This is our biggest project in Hungary so far. Moreover, this project is for one of the most prominent buildings in Budapest, the second biggest synagogue in Budapest, the Rumbach Street Synagogue.

The Rumbach Synagogue was built between 1869-1872, financed by public contributions, designed by the Austrian Otto Wagner, leader architect of the Viennese Art Nouveau. It takes its inspiration from the Moorish Architecture. It is one of the symbols of modern Budapest.  

Since January 2017 the Synagogue was closed for renovations and will open doors again in October 2018.

As we all know where there are a lot of people gathered in closed spaces, there is a great necessity for fresh air, i.e. ventilation. A perfect example for this, are all temples where during the religious  holidays there are a lot of worshipers gathered in closed place for long periods of time. The lack of fresh air, respectively the lack of Oxygen, can cause a lot of health issues for the attendees, such as difficult breathing and fainting. The best way to prevent this is by the use of highly effective and efficient ventilation solutions, such as Damvent’s own max.e series of Hybrid Integrated Solutions for Fresh Air.

Our partner in Hungary-Klima Kft(http://www.klima.hu/) was chosen as the  principal provider of MEP(Ventilation) services for this project. The initial request for solution for fresh air was addressed to Damvent in September 2016. The project took almost a year and a half before in January 2018 three Damvent max.e Hybrid Integrated Solutions for Fresh Air were ordered. Namely, they were 2 pieces of max.e3-06(sorption rotary heat exchanger and airflow up to 7000m3/h) and one max.e2-09(plate heat exchanger and airflow up to 10000m3/h). With total airflow almost 25000m3/h for this project, it became Damvent’s biggest project so far in Hungary. 

The fact that the Rumbach Synagogue was an old building with a cultural value and that the space for access was very limited, made the incorporation of the Hybrid Solutions in the building  a tough job. The two smaller- max.e3-06 had to be put on some parts of the roof, and the bigger max.e2-09 had to be mounted inside the Syangogue.  The only way to do it properly was to assemble all three Hybrid Solutions on site.  

The assembly on site is something that Damvent has been doing for its clients for quite some time; some of our most prominent projects had been done this way, e.g. The Shard(http://www.damvent.com/en/news/read/max-e3-to-the-highest-building-in-europe); Trinity Square Office Building( here you can watch a time lapse video of the actual site assembly) and many more.

Generally, the site assembly of such complex Hybrid Solutions is a very serious thing, because there are pressurized and vacuumed elements, such as the refrigerant circuit and their complex setup.

What we do at Damvent whenever such site assembly is needed is the following: the Hybrid Solutions are being produced, 100% factory test it; dismantle it; put it on pallets and then ship it to its destination; send specialists from the factory who will assemble, test, startup and commission the Hybrid Solutions at the project site.

Following this procedure, we send four of our assembly, electrical and refrigerant specialists from the Damvent factory to Budapest to assemble the three Hybrid Solutions.

With the help of our partner there Klima Kft, who have already transported the pallets with the dismantled Hybrid Solutions to their assembly points, it took our four specialists under four working days to assemble all three Hybrid Solutions. Way to go guys! They started on Monday and by the end of Thursday they were finished. On Friday, they tested all systems and started up the Hybrid Solutions. The commissioning of the Hybrid Solutions will happen in September 2018 when they will be connected to the air ducts and the permanent electricity supply.  

If you want to learn more about our Hybrid Integrated Solutions for Fresh air and our reference projects, you can visit our website http://www.damvent.com


Special thanks to :

Peter Balogh-Klima Kft.

Attila Bicskei-Klima Kft

Istvan Sztankai-Klima Kft

Tamas Domenyi-Klima Kft