The Design Gap

We spend lots of time talking to customers. Existing and potential ones. We hear the same things regularly, when we ask them what they need:

| "Quality of response, technical knowledge as a team"

| "Quality of products"

| "Innovation, future thinking, carbon footprint reduction"

| "Personal touch, resources"

| "Product details (weight, size, electrical loadings, basic drawing)"

| "Quick responses"

| "We need help identifying the scope gaps"

The fact is, all of the above help to solve problems on projects.

The more integrated systems and products are, the less likely there are to be problems. It's really that simple.

Why is it that we don’t use more integrated solutions? Maybe its because not enough manufacturers offer them.

We wouldn’t dream of limiting ourselves to such isolated and unhelpful thinking.

In fact, our products are built to be the hub.

We specialise in Integrated Solutions for Fresh Air.

By default, our solutions naturally help solve these problems.