The future of hybrid AHU selection!

In this technologically advanced world, software & data are big business and manufacturers are now falling short of the expectations of Designers, Consultants & Engineers.

However, Damvent are paving the way for the future of hybrid AHU selection with our newly developed 3rd Generation software, DV_Select 3.1, which serves as a selection tool for our E-conomizer range.

The benefits:
• User friendly interface requiring minimal data input making it light, fast & easy to use
• Winter & summer calculations with technical data & drawings exportable to PDF
• Visualisation of all air-treatment process available in a Mollier diagram

The software also provides comprehensive data for the most important parameters of the unit, such as; total cooling/heating capacity, supply air temperature, total power input, COP/EERnet, specific fan power (total for the unit), refrigerant type, unit power supply and sound pressure level.

Damvent are one of the few companies that have successfully developed software for hybrid solutions and we believe it sets the new benchmark for our competitors and the industry as a whole.

Our selection software enables you to confidently select the correct sized unit and gain the required drawings and dimensions in a matter of minutes.