Three DamVent max.e2 AHUs for the newly opened Karcher production and development center in Curtea de Arges, Romania

DamVent’s  second generation AHUs with plate heat exchanger and heat pump, max.e2 were chosen for their energy efficiency and reliability to provide fresh air ventilation for the new Kaercher production and development center in Curtea de Agres, Romania.

Kaercher was founded in 1935 and nowadays the German company is the market leader on the global market of cleaning technology with turnover more than 2.2 billion euro.

Their new facility in Curtea de Arges was commissioned in the middle of October this year. It houses each function from designing to testing, from research to production, from plastic casting to assembly, from logistics warehousing to administration. The whole complex creates more than 500 jobs in the area. It will be used for the design and production of professional vacuum cleaners, high pressure steam cleaners and submersible pumps.

The main contractor for this project is KESZ Romania and for the ventilation part the designer who specified our AHUs is Ciprian Bobenchi. With the help of DamVent representative in Romania, Petru Cosei, they chose the most appropriate AHUs and sizes in order to provide 100% fresh air for the administration buildings in a very energy efficient way.

Three different size AHUs were used for the different parts of the buildings in this project. The DamVent max.e2  06 (7000m3/h) is being used for the laboratories of the R&D department in the facility. The biggest e-conomizer, the DamVent max.e2 13 (14500m3/h) supplies the fresh air in all of the offices in the factory. The third e-conomizer- DamVent max.e2 09(10000m3/h) is being used for fresh air in the canteen area.

Thus DamVent Ltd once more reached and exceeded the client’s expectations.