Time. Capture The Moment. Manage.
As an engineer, time is a valuable resource and the restrictions that are set on our time make it precious. We must utilise our time in the most efficient way possible so that we gain the most out of it. Often, we are not using our time wisely. It is being wasted. Squandered.  Misused. As engineers we cannot allow this to happen. We must use every moment we have to perfect our design. To achieve greatness through our work. To let our projects, the building speak for itself in its own immenseness of precise beauty. How can we do this? How can we use this resource in the best way? We must look towards technology and software, as it is only inevitable, as there lies the answer to solving many of the problems that place restrictions upon us. Software means no boundaries. It means we work can anywhere, anytime, online, offline that is the beauty of it. However, there are some who oppose this. Time and convenience is what is important to everyone. Having a program at your fingertips that you can easily download, or access online or offline will work faster for you to meet design requirements and generating information, compared to spending days looking at pages of data.   However, there are still some that believe advancements in technology are a means to reduce human effort. To reduce the amount of energy and effort we put in.   While this is a benefit of technology, we like to take a different approach to this. The improvements in technology can help us push the boundaries of our imagination further, which enables us to think differently.   It frees our mind and opens it to new possibilities to enable us to build something greater.   We must utilise technology to our advantage so that we can push our imagination and strive to create designs more precise, accurate and beautiful.