Troom vs. Tsupply

We talked a lot about how important the controls for the Hybrid Integrated System for fresh air are.

So now we are going to spend some time looking at different types of controls

We will start with the one that we prefer and we strongly recommend, namely the Tsupply control. To have Tsupply control, means that the Hybrid Integrated Solution takes care only of the fresh air, while the classic HVAC system, being fan coils and water system or DX VRF system takes care of the cooling loads and the heating losses. In this case the classic HVAC System controls the room temperature and the Hybrid Integrated Solution for fresh air controls the Tsupply. The important thing here is thаt the Tsupply is linked to the Troom with a difference from 1to 3 degrees, depending on the mode-Heating or Cooling. To achieve that we need to have capacity controlled compressor and it is also good to have an inverter drive on the heat wheel. As a result we have a superior control, you can achieve a straight line of the Tsupply. The Tsupply deviation that can be achieved is a plus or a minus-one degree, or possibly even less. We think that this is the ultimate energy saving mode.

What about the Troom control? We think that if we have Troom control, it means that the customers expect that the Hybrid Integrated solution not only to take care of the fresh air, but also the heating losses and cooling loads. So they basically expect a total HVAC solution and fresh air, all in one. So, is this possible?! Yes it is possible, but with the following remarks:

-we need to have very good and close co-operation, with the consultants of the projects, to check if the unit is properly calculated, based on cooling loads and heating losses

- there have to be enough air changes ratio  in the room, because when we talk about Troom control, our main goal is the room and we have to have enough air changes ratio, at least  7h-1

- we also need to check if the air distribution system supply and extract grills are properly sized and the distribution scheme is ok for this type of solution.

- also it is very important to have back up heating. Why? Because we need it for our start up mode and for the rapid heating, when the temperature in the room is very low.

For more information you can watch our knowledge sharing videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28UmixmdR-k&t=47s