Velcho Damyanov is the founder of Damvent. We held a short interview to find out about his journey.

Q: What are your first memories of Damvent?

"The early days were a challenge as I had no idea about how to develop and manage a business.

I grew up under communism, where entrepreneurial thought & innovation were forbidden.

I didn’t have any business skills, and soon learnt that technical knowledge would be a key to my success, so I studied mathematics, engineering and construction."

Q: How did you envisage the future of Damvent?

The business was built to be inherited by my sons, as my belief is that the 1st generation creates and the 2nd generation progresses.

This was a rare thought in business circles at the time, and when I speak to other business owners this is always one of their main regrets.

Q: Where does the Damyanov family drive come from?

"We are from a simple, poor family who worked in agriculture.

We always wanted to achieve something, and I knew it would be something big.

My mother said to me that she did not want me to waste my potential and that I had the ability to achieve anything.

I have now retired, but I have more ongoing projects than ever before, which is just as well as my drive is still just as strong as the day I founded Damvent."