Some say our body is a vehicle/tool for the soul. How many times have we heard that? A million times over.

Soul searching for many, is a state of being. A constant longing to belong, searching for a place called home. But recently, as we’ve been crossing life’s paths, jumping hurdles and trying desperately to keep up with the world, we find ourselves left feeling lost and more exhausted. Seeking answers from soul, is a game some don’t want to play anymore. Our brains are hurting.

 We know that pain is a catalyst for growth, but sometimes we lose our tolerance. As we go through life, growing into ourselves over the years, we can risk exhausting our brain energy. Our soul wisdom. It’s like data we’ve collected over the years seems to be out of reach, on another server, password lost. 

We can become cold. Defensive.

So maybe we should try a different perspective? One where we tap into the wisdom of our body, can we finally find a sanctuary called home? All we need to do is stop seeking in the mind( and outside ourselves )and listen very carefully to our own body…to look deeper into our inner self, because every change, every motion and evolution comes from the inside, where we have all we need.

Consider becoming mechanical. What does this mean, mechanical? Is it such a bad thing? Moving away from an esoteric lifestyle can help us to become practical and disciplined. Will it help us to start to enjoy ourselves, viewing the body as a fine piece of mechanical engineering?

Lets dig further into this analogy, our body a piece of engineering. We can begin with a simple dictionary definition, for what mechanical engineering stood for: 

The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines and structures

The action of working artfully to bring something about

Wow! Being engineers ourselves we absolutely love these descriptions. We began to live in a way that we could fit into them. 

The first thing that sprung to mind was work. How do we up our game? As engineers we work in a role that requires integrity, energy and a sharp mind….The action of working artfully to bring something about…. Aha! Our integrity and our authentic self, equals our view of life. So lets try that then…work on our projection, (work in the abstract), Work on how we see life. 

Our view on life and the work we produce is not going to be positive if our physical and mental health isnt up to scratch…. ‘branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines…..' An engineered product needs to be well maintained. 

Because we began to listen to our body more, we noticed subtle changes. Questioning where pain came from, was it mental, emotional, physical? We asked the questions until our intuition spoke loud and clear…(The logic leads to intuition. Engineers like to rely on logic, but innovators rely on inner voices and intuition)

We started to check in with ourselves a lot more. What are we eating, what are we drinking, what thoughts are we consuming? The change that we began to see in ourselves was incredible. We were empowered like never before. We were joyful and uplifted those around us. We managed our work carefully, with attention and purpose. Our engineering was fine tuning our engineering!

We are so glad that we learned to came home to the body…it eased our minds 

If our soul is our true self, then it needs a very good engineered body to live in. Our body is our best friend, it has its own intelligence. Listen to it and look after it. After all, we have all we need.