We set the standards, we don’t follow them!

We set the standards, we don’t follow them! Being the leader and flying under the radar for so many years pushed us to develop by ourselves the ultimate factory tests proving the performance of each single unit proving our hybrid integrated solutions are 100% accurate and plug and play. However, as a company, a manufacturer and the leader in the Premium Hybrid Integrated Solutions for Fresh Air, we are familiar with all the standards that are related to our solutions. They are many but unfortunately, they only partially describe the requirements and performances for these units.
Being a hybrid integrated solution and combining ventilation unit with heat recovery and air-to-air heat pump, the standards related to our units are fully listed and in our CE Declarations of Conformity (totally. 4pcs).
We have met with the following standards and directives. These major standards are met:
- Low Voltage Directive
- Machinery Directive
- Electromagnetic Compatibility
- Pressure Equipment Directive
We have also met with these three important directives:
- Refrigeration system and heat pump- Safety and environmental requirements Part 1: Basic requirements, definitions, classification and selection criteria
- Directive 2009/125/EC, Eco-design requirements for air heating, air cooling products, high temperature process chillers, and fan coils – further to this Directive we have taken from EU Regulation 1253/2014 the following – “This regulation and standard for ventilation units says that this regulation shall not apply to ventilation units which include a heat exchanger and a heat pump for heat recovery or allowing heat transfer or extraction being additional to that of the heat recovery system”. Basically, this standard says that units with integrated heat pumps are not related to this standard.
The Eurovent Standard is also very important to discuss. At the moment, Eurovent does not have a dedicated certification program for hybrid integrated solutions. However, we are aware of the importance of Eurovent certification and as manufacturer we still fulfil the requirements of Eurovent as our main components; coils, plate/rotary heat exchangers and filters) are Eurovent certified, plus selection software available.
We set up our own standard by putting on our official documentation and selection software for the first time, the overall efficiency of such solution called COPnet. We already talked about it, but it was important to show you how we set up our own standards.

If you want to learn more about this please watch our educational video in our YouTube chanel: https://youtube.com/watch?v=f4RNsIM2UmU