Why are standards important?

Why are standards important?
Standards, ethics or morality are all encompassed in the idea of what is good, or right and what is bad or wrong. Are these are decided by us, the government, or do they come from a higher power, like God? Either way, standards are set and then handed down.
Why are they handed down to us?
These ethics, standards, rules are laid down as guidelines of what is good, bad, right or wrong. In many occasions it is not clear what category an action comes under. A good example of this is the British Standard for Construction. A list of design guidelines and rules that have been developed to help engineers and architects to build the safest building possible. It is important that these standards are followed so buildings are designed correctly.
Many tend to agree, have unconditional acceptance and limit themselves to these rules and regulations. For others, like pioneers and innovators, we understand the need for these rules, but at the same time we question and experiment with what can be achieve beyond this? It is based upon the individual, not the governing body.
Aristotle in ancient Greece created virtue theory. The basics of the theory states a person who has good virtue takes the right step, at the right time, and in the right way. That may seem confusing but to further explain; it states that a moral person will understand the situations presented to them and deal with it in the most appropriate way.
Are you able to assess fully every situation that is to come your way? Not at the point of being morally correct in every situation. But if we cannot, how can we go forward? Aristotle says that to have good virtue can only be experienced through living your life. We can learn from trial and error. Life needs us to be rebellious and break these barriers. How else would we have many of the systems that we have in place today: electricity, internet connectivity?
The question remains, what do we do now? Do we live our lives entirely within the standards that have been put into place, or take action with the idea that our standards come from us as well?
Well, standards have been put in place because they help us reason and judge the world around us, and they are a good stepping stone on developing your own reasoning where you are able to judge situations for yourselves.
Tell us your thoughts on the existence of morality and standards.