Damvent Ltd. is a Bulgarian technological company with 100% its own equity.

Our quality policy was built on the principle of:

“Anticipation of the future needs of the client and creation of new market spaces through innovations and continuous improvement of the parameters of: products, processes, people and organization in favour of the ordinary man, Society and Nature”


For its implementation, we formulate the following strategic goals:

  1. To turn Damvent Ltd. into a Global Technological Leader in the Development, Innovations, Production and Servicing of Hybrid, Integrated Concepts and Solutions for Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning.
  2. To Create and deliver Knowledge, to train ourselves, our employees and our followers and … competitors.
  3. To be a “Focus” company, which is focused only on Hybrid, Integrated Concepts and Solutions (and not Products), and to be a Technological Leader therein. To maintain a minimum portfolio.
  4. To be always “Several” steps ahead of the competition through Valuable Innovations.
  5. To set forth and establish our standards of our own, which to be followed in future by our clients and competitors.
  6. To develop and establish Hybrid, Integrated Concepts and Solutions for maintaining Temperature (oC) and Relative Humidity (%) applicable for all continental temperature zones.
  7. To set foot and to gain a lasting presence on all continents with our concepts and solutions.
  8. To maintain high level of satisfaction of the workers and employees corresponding to our own satisfaction and the one of the employees in similar branches through turning them into a team of motivated, active and enterprising individuals perceiving the company as their own.
  9. To form Loyal Followers and not Clients on a mutual benefit basis.
  10. All our Concepts and Solutions are powered by electricity as a source. Our goal is for them to be of the highest possible Energy Class corresponding to the lowest consumption and Carbon Emissions in the Environment.


We achieve these goals through the following:

  • Continuous maintenance of the Quality Management System in accordance with BDS EN ISO 9001:2015 international standard.
  • Use of the most innovative world technological components in our concepts and solutions.
  • Taking Substantial Risks and Challenges during the development, implementation and release of the market of new Concepts and Solutions.
  • Promptness and flexibility in decision taking.
  • 100% factory test of all our concepts and solutions, covering their full functionality, making them Plug & Play and exceeding those of the specialized laboratories and certification bodies.
  • Digitalization of all our concepts and solutions so that we have remote access from any location in the world.
  • Promptness of response upon removal of occurring problems through Online Monitoring, Support and Service.
  • Continuous integration of hardware, software and service.
  • Maintaining a high presence (22-27%) of the company's Engineering staff.
  • Continuous performance of Training of our employees (Internal (unit to unit) and External (from external organisations).
  • Stimulation and development of our employees' Multi-functionality through acquiring new knowledge, skills and competencies different from the basic ones they have.
  • “Empowerment” of the employees and Establishment and Maintenance of a “Horizontal” Quality Management System (QMS), where everyone has equal rights, obligations and participation in it. The system is based on the principle “everyone controls everyone” by Correction Cards, Complaints Cards and Preventive Actions Cards.
  • Development and maintenance of the Creative Talents of the employees by Proposals Cards for improvement of the technological processes, units, details.
  • Establishment of working groups for solving problems.
  • Internal system of structuring, collection, and disposal of all basic groups of wastes and technological remainders.
  • “Injecting of a continuous flow of talents directly in the veins of the company”.
  • Following up the processes from the statement by the clients of their requirements for products and services until receiving feedback on the satisfaction from their performance.
  • Integration of all employees by recognition and evaluation of the merits of every one of them. Each employee to be personally responsible for the quality of his activity, motivating him through the implemented Evaluation System for the activity performed by him.
  • Securing the necessary resources.
  • Assessment and analysis of the achievements in terms of goals by the Executive Staff once a year by setting forth new goals and assessment of the policy in line with them.


I declare that each employee of Damvent Ltd. is committed to our quality policy and is giving his personal contribution to its implementation.