Factory for fresheners Areon – new production facility

Damvent Ltd. deliver and put into operation three AHU from the type “economizer” – max.e-13 for the company Balev’s Ltd. The company is specialized  in car air fresheners manufacturing. The air-handling units cover the needs of fresh air for the whole production area.

Balev Ltd. is a Bulgarian producer and has its own registered trade mark – ‘’AREON”. The production facilities of  BALEV Ltd. are situated on an area of 10 000 sq. m. in the city of Varna – Bulgaria’s maritime capital. Currently, the AREON air fresheners are selling successfully in more than 60 countries worldwide.

AHU type: “economizer” – max.e13 with "2 stage thermodynamic heat recovery technology"

Quantity of the units: 3 pcs. max.e-13 - 14500 m3/h each

Air capacity: 43500 m3/h