Service and Support

All of the units from the type "e-conomizer" allow into the corresponding connector of the pCO controller to be mounted specialized pCO WEB circuit board for internet connection. The built-in pCO WEB circuit board, allows a permanent internet connection to the max.e from any location in the world and helps you/us to make adequate reaction to situations requiring fast and accurate solutions to the problem.

pCO WEB communication crad   

Opportunities provided by pCO WEB

   - Software updates – it is possible to be make updates of the software of the pCO controller in case of more precise settings or in case of additional customer needs. 

   - Possibility of remote start-up and 72 hours trial period – the air-handling unit could be started-up and tuned via internet and after that for 72 hours we could make monitoring of the key parameters of the unit (are they reached or not).

   - Possibility of archive (history) of working and service parameters – some of the parameters of the working process of the air-handling unit could be export in tables or charts in case when future analyzes or additional (precise) settings are needed.

   - Possibility of monitoring of the variables, working parameters:

                    * T supply
                    * T room
                    * T out
                    * T freon
                    * Refrigerant pressure
                    * Position of the four way valve
                    * Relative Humidity room and supply
                    * Working modes
                    * Position of the Dampers (0-100%)
                    * Alarms

   - Diagnosis of problems, arising during the operation of the air-handling unit – using the information from the history menu, we are making analyzes and follow the reasons of the problems.