What does it mean to be a Hybrid?

What does it mean to be a Hybrid?

A hybrid is a combination of parts that work together to complement each other, work in harmony, and work together. The human is a hybrid, the combination of mind and body, of the spiritual and the physical. They work together to create something greater than its sole part. A body cannot move without a soul; a soul cannot be expressed without a body. They are two things which cannot exist without each other. The connection of these two, the connection of the soul and body, breathes life into the human. The human is the perfect Hybrid one system, balanced, working in harmony with the mind and body.

Why are Harmony and Hybridity important to each other?

The Hybrid is a mixture of things. Now you can mix many things together oil and vinegar or pizza and ice cream. If you do it, yes, it will become a hybrid. However, there is no harmony there. The harmony between two things is what makes a hybrid of parts work together. You can mix many together, but if they cannot work together, then is it a hybrid worth having? No, it is not. The harmony between things makes it work. A harmony exists between mind and body, a human balanced and in control.

We as humans are the perfect Hybrid- Why?

The Spirit merges with The Matter; it creates harmony. So, we as humans are the perfect combination of pure Spirit and Matter, resulting in Hybrid consciousness.