Who Wants Normal Anyway?

Who Wants Normal Anyway?

There is a very common theme running through the lives of the most innovative and forward-thinking people. They are not fond of the rules. In fact, some go as far as even saying that rules do not apply to them. They believe they can ‘bend reality’ and "manifest an existence". Maybe this is a step too far…maybe not?
For sure, the truth is you will never discover new oceans if you are afraid to lose sight of the shore. Innovation requires bravery, steadfast belief in your choices and paths and a fearless approach to what most people see as failure.
It requires an approach which many see as arrogance. To us, it is just simple knowing that anything is possible…we have to figure it out…and we do.
Life needs rebels. It needs people who say, ‘there is no way I am accepting that as the best way of doing it…and so I’m going to do it differently…I’m going to improve it.
Throughout mankind’s existence, there have been continual innovations. They come along rarely and powerfully, but when they start to get noticed and utilised, the world changes.

People often think that these amazing ideas and world-changing products come ‘out of nowhere’. We think this is an interesting perspective.

What do people actually mean when they say an amazing idea ‘comes out of nowhere’? They mean that they don’t know where it came from…

We believe we do know where it comes from….and this is what gives us our rebellious confidence.

‘Nowhere’ is that place in the mind which is never affected by limiting beliefs. It is that place where there are no outside influences telling us what we can and cannot do. ‘Nowhere’ is free from past judgment or future fears. ‘Nowhere’ is that place of stillness and calm where our true power resides. It is from this place that DamVent operate.

We are a company that believes our technical knowledge is drawn from a place of no boundaries. When we develop our products, we don’t look at what we have done or what we are doing. We look at the future.