Frequently asked questions

1. Can anyone use the specialized software for selecting “e-conomizers” – DV_Select?
2. Does the software provides selection for all types of economizers, which Damvent produces?
3. Is there a software for every type of Air Handling Unit or they are all combined in one?
4. After installation, the software opens a window that requires activation code, what should I do?
5. Is it possible for a Damvent specialist to help me in the selection of the proper e-conomizer?
1. Is it possible with max.e “e-conomizer” to cover the summer loads and the heating loses of a room?
2. Do you offer implementation of max.e-mini with an addition heating coil installed in the hull of the unit itself ?
3. What is SFP?
4. What is the unit max.e3-pool?
5. Is it required for the “e-conomizers”max.e3-pool to work in cooling mode?
6. What is the purpose of the additional heating coil of the max.e3-pool “e-conomizers”?
7. On what criterion max.e3-pool “economizers” are selected?
8. Is it possible to add a higher class of filtration in the max.e “e-conomizer” than the standard mounted?
1. Is there an option for max.e-mini with plug fans series to inset dampers with electric On/Off actuators?
2. Is there an option for max.e-mini with plug fans series to inset a mixing section?
3. Is there an option for max.e “e-conomizers” to add CO2 sensor?
4. Can I use “e-conomizer” from the max.e mini series for outside mounting?
5. Is it necessary the use of siphons in the max.e mini Air Handling Units?
1. How to determine whether the service side of max.e “e-conomizer” is left or right?
2. How to service the air filters of max.e-mini?
3. How often should I replace the air filters of the max.e “e-conomizer”?
1. Is it possible for max.e “e-conomizer” to be connected to a BMS control system and how?
2. What type of BMS operating protocols max.e series provide?
3. What options, of controlling the “e-conomizer”, the remote control provide?
4. Is it possible accessing and managing the max.e “e-conomizer” over internet connection?
5. What represents the internet communication circuit board and what options does it offer?
6. What requirements are needed to install the internet communication circuit board?
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