2016 Damvent First Annual Partners’ Meeting 15-16th September, Burgas, Bulgaria

2016 Damvent First Annual Partners’ Meeting 15-16th September, Burgas, Bulgaria

On 15-16th September 2016 in Damvent  LTD. production plant, in Burgas, Bulgaria, took place the Damvent First Annual Partners’ Meeting.

We were pleased to welcome all of our international partners from UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Dubai, Russia, and Romania, who help us promote and sell our innovative ventilation solutions around the world.

On 15th September there was a presentation, on the markets for comfort and process ventilation in the different countries, and the market as a whole-tendencies, opportunities, challenges etc.

All of our partners were given the word to describe the dynamics on their own markets and how and why Damvent economizers helped them to improve their sales and service. The general opinion of our partners about the Damvent economizers was that they are innovative solutions that exceed the present standards in terms of efficiency, energy recovery, design and functionality.

On Day 2 (16th September) our R&D Department gave a presentation on our future solutions and four new sizes of our best selling economizers’ line max.e3, were revealed: max.e3-04 (up to 4000m3/h); max.e3-25 (up to 25 000m3/h); max.e3-30 (up to 30 000m3/h) and max.e3-35 (up to 35 000m3/h). With these four new sizes Damvent LTD. will extend its range and take another step forward ahead of our competition.

max.e3-pool 20 (20 000m3/h) will also be introduced to Damvents’ pool economizers line, thus the company answers the growing demand for bigger pool economizers.

Our guests were also presented with a new hybrid solution designed for maintaining room temperatures and relative humidity below 45%. Two of these hygienic economizers have already been installed in hospitals in Sri Lanka and another one in Bulgaria.

As all the participants of this meeting agreed it was very useful both for the Damvent LTD. and its partners in regard to sharing new ideas, insights and knowledge.

The management of Damvent LTD. Bulgaria promised that this annual meeting will become a tradition.

Next year we hope that our family will grow with even more partners.

We at Damvent LTD. Bulgaria would like to thank all of our partners, who participated at the Damvent Annual Partners’ Meeting!