The latest Damvent Technical Seminar 2017

The latest Damvent Technical Seminar 2017

Damvent`s latest Technical Seminar 2017 took place last Wednesday, 29th March in Inter Expo Center, Sofia Bulgaria.

We consider it as a major success as it was visited by more than 150 people and was also watched live by many others on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

Since our last Damvent Technical Seminar in 2014, the company has entered several new markets and expanded its product range. All these novelties were presented to our guests in the first part of the seminar. eng. Deyan Damyanov(R&D Manager), with the help of Miroslav Damyanov(Sales Manager), and eng. Velcho Damyanov, CEO of Damvent Ltd, presented our new markets-Benelux, Hungary, Sri Lanka and Azerbaijan. Special attention was paid to the unique “clean room” Hybrid Solutions that Damvent produced for the National Blood Center and The National Children Cancer Clinic in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Some of the most valuable reference projects in the last couple years were also mentioned - the The Shard, London, UK and Uni Hospital, Panaguyrishte, Bulgaria.  You know them from our previous posts.    

In the first part of the seminar, the new additions of our max.e3 e-conomizers family were presented to the public for the first time. Five more sizes were introduced-max.e3-04(up to 4000m3/h); max.e3-25(up to 25.000m3/h); max.e3-30(up to 30.000m3/h); max.e3-35(up to 35.000m3/h) Mastodon and max.e3 Pool-20(up to 20.000m3/h). With these 5 new sizes Damvent once more is reaching and exceeding its customers’ requests for intermediate sizes and is pushing the envelope with the bigger sizes. A special advertising movie for our biggest economizer max.e3-35 Mastodon was shown to the attendees of the seminar. You will be able to see it on the official Damvent Facebook page, soon.

In the second part of the seminar the focus was put on the latest version of our selection software DV_Select, which in a couple of months will be based online and will include the whole max.e mini, max.e2, max.e3 and max.e3 Pool ranges. This novelty will allow the HVAC designers and consultants to access the full Damvent max.e range from everywhere and through different devices- desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones.

Third part was more practical- several specialized tutorials were made to clarify: how to select an e-conomizer (differences between Manufacturers, comparison sheet etc.), COP and COPnet (a coefficient that Damvent first created and put on the map), Selection software for e-conomizers (DV_Select) and comparison, Troom/Tsupply control analyze…and others


Generally, the audience was very active and keen to interact with the presenters, a lot of questions were asked and the seminar turned out to become an open discussion, which was the main idea. This was one of the reasons for the seminar to continue longer, an hour and a half, than planned.

The seminar was not only filmed, but it was also live video streamed on a specially dedicated YouTube channel and Damvent`s Facebook page.

In the next couple of months we will edit and subtitle the filmed seminar in order to share it with you on Damvent`s LinkedIN, Facebook and Youtube profiles.     

Stay tuned for more news and details from the Damvent Technical Seminar 2017.

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