Telstar's Showroom in Netherlands

Telstar's Showroom in Netherlands

Hague, Netherlands

Damvent delivered a max.e3-09 for the new Telstar showroom.

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  • 1 x max.e3-09

    Total treated airflow - 9 000 m3/h

Damvent delivered a max.e3-09 for the new Telstar showroom. We conducted a short interview with Peter Rekers - Telstar's Sales Manager to introduce you to some details of the partner selection process and conceptual solution for the ventilation of the new solutions that Telstar offers its customers.

Telstar was founded in 1962 as Luwa SA and specialized in the clean room technology. We have a lot of experience in the industry and we have used this experience to expand into healthcare. Our employees are trained in the development of customer specific requirements and thus contribute to the highest quality and most economically efficient solutions. We stand for quality and professionalism and, therefore, you should always expect same from us.

We know Telstar is a very innovative company that always tries to exceed the needs of its customers. What new product will Telstar present to its clients at this time?

Telstar strives to exceed customer expectations, provide quality products and search for new and innovative ways to better processes. One area of innovation has been to offer an overall concept for the treatment of air in operating rooms and clean rooms. This is not an easy process, but one that we are close to realizing. Damvent offered us a comprehensive solution to the air treatment using their economizer unit with a 2-stage heat/cool/humidity recovery technology that utilizes up to 100% of the waste heat / cold / moisture of the outgoing air of the room. This unit has an integrated heat pump and is fully equipped with a system of controls.

Why did you choose Damvent as your supplier?

The reason Damvent won our attention is the simple fact that they offer a complete solution. In the past years we have seen similar solutions, but none were as complete. Damvent’s economizer, max.e3 type with 2-stage thermodynamic heat recovery technology, recovers up to 100% of the extract heat / cool / humidity from the room. In addition to be a complete solution, the Damvent economizer is also very innovative. Innovation is something very important for Telstar as a company.

Another advantage of using Damvent solutions is that the temperature range during operation is much broader than other manufacturers. Damvent units work within ranges from -25oC to 60°C, without using additional sources of heat or cold. This is a huge factor for Telstar because we have worldwide projects within diverse climates.

Are you concerned that Damvent is a Bulgarian company and is not known in the Dutch market?

Work experience has taught us that prejudices do not belong on the job. The quality of any given product does not depend on the country in which it was produced but, on the quality of materials used, the individual components and expertise of the manufacturer. Representatives from Damvent came to Telstar headquarters in the Netherlands and gave us a full presentation wherein we learned that Damvent has completed several projects in Denmark, England, Romania, Hungary and other countries. They can now add the Netherlands to their list as Telstar has installed a unit on site for educational purposes.

What premises/rooms will the machine service?

The Damvent unit installed in our showroom is intended to demonstrate the parameters of an operating room and a clean room (see attached photos below).
Our idea is to be able to clearly show future clients what constitutes the entire solution that we offer them. We are also able to provide a hands-on experience to clients allowing them to determine upfront whether they like the concept, the quality of components, and the implementation itself.

5. What are your expectations for and impressions of the Damvent unit?

Based on conversations with our engineers who participated in the installation of the unit and its start/up, we understand that everything has gone smoothly, so first impressions are positive. The unit was delivered completely assembled, fully equipped with a control system, and 100% factory tested using the parameters that were sent in advance. All that remained for us to do was mount it in place, attach the ducting system to it, and connect the power supply. The fine details were resolved by pressing a few buttons. Damvent engineers made themselves available through internet connection using remote access to make sure the installation would go smoothly. Seeing firsthand how well the internet connection and remote access works puts us at ease because we know our international clients will receive the same excellent treatment.

Was it difficult for you to select the correct unit for your project?

No, it was not difficult at all. Actually, it was rather quick and easy. Another quality point worth mentioning is that Damvent has a very powerful and user-friendly software selection program that provides reasonably complete information for the engineers using it. Additionally, the information that needs to be entered is minimal and the user is not required to make additional calculations. This makes our engineers´ work much more efficient and communication with Damvent smoother.

What stands out about Damvent units that you would share with others?

What distinguishes Damvent from other companies is, namely, that they are only focused on production of economizers with a 2-phase thermodynamic recuperation /recovery. As mentioned earlier, we have experience with many other manufacturers, and none were able to produce such a complete solution. Some may have had similar products but were not complete and always needed additional components before installation could be completed. With Damvent, the economizers are their main product and, therefore, it is easy to deliver quality. We think that Damvent having more than 700 units delivered, installed, and working speaks for itself.
Another thing that really impressed us about Damvent, are the components that they use. Most components are produced by the largest and most reputable manufacturers in the world. During our many years in this market, we have seen several large companies compromise by using cheaper components to give a better price, but, not Damvent – they deliver quality that will last.

What are your future plans for collaboration with Damvent?

At this stage in the process, we can say that we are satisfied with Damvent´s equipment and look forward to fine tuning a comprehensive plan for our clients. We do hope to include Damvent units as part of this concept in the future.