Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid generaly stands for two or more main sources of heating, cooling, heat recovery and dehumidification into one integrated solution - passive and active sources. The passive one comes from the sorption wheel that we use in our fresh air solutions. The second source - the active one is a built-in reversable heat pump. The most important challenge when comes down to hybrid solutions is the control system - Can you control and balance your hybrid?

To select a proper hybrid integrated solution for fresh air we will give you several questions to guide you:

1. We start by asking if the heat pump is reversable or cooling only?

2. We need to see if the heat pump is built-in or has a remote condenser?

3. Very important matter is the operating envelope (ambient temperature limits) of the heat pump? Ours are designed to work from -20oC to +40oC without any additional heating/cooling source!

4. Are there any additional sources for heating and cooling? Why are they needed?

5. Does your heat pump has a capacity controlled compressor and electronic expansion valve for better superheat control?

6. What's the heat recovery source? If its a sorption type wheel that means there can be recovery also on the relative humidity side.

7. And last but not least if it`s a one piece mono-block solution? It is an important mater which shows if the hybrid is fully tested in factory conditions and reduce installtions efforts on site...