Selection Software

It costed lots of efforts and time to put together and improve such a selection software for hybrids. Hybrid air-handling units cannot and should not be selected trough catalogues. The specialized software can calculate and simultae different modes - winter and summer mode and gives precise calculations.
It is important to make the difference and know that this software is not for selecting classic air-handling units. In this software must be incorporated softwares for coils, filters, compressors, fans, for heat recovery, either plate or rotary heat exchangers. It is a complicated program to fulfill our clients needs and in the same time simple and easy to use.

In the following video we will see in details:

     - How to select an unit.

     - How to set up the Input parameters

     - How to switch between modes

     - What options the software has and what calculations gives us.

     - We will get to know some info about the elements of the hybrid air-handling unit.

     - We will see comparison between our software and softwares of other manufacturers.

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