Damvent in the UK

Damvent in the UK

After the participation in the Eco Build Exhibition- London in March 2012, it became a logical step in our Export strategy. 

We are proud to announce that from the 1st of November, DamVent officially starts its activity in England. 

England and the UK in general, with its mild climate conditions, are perfect for our highest efficiency ventilation solutions, based on heat pumps - especially heat pumps with “defrost” = 0 min and “free cooling/free heating” modes which take more than 30% of the annual working hours. 
With more than 350 “e-conomizers” produced, installed and started up in different EU territories and climate conditions such as Bulgaria, Denmark, Romania, Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine and Estonia 
we have the confidence to continue this successful line in England. 

Our partner and Sales Agent in England will be Energy Efficient Equipment Ltd., A “young company“ managed by specialists with more than 30 years of experience in sales, design, manufacturing, installing and service of HVAC equipment in the local market. 

We hope, together with them, their knowledge and vast experience of the English market to build the foundations for the future success of our solutions of the type “e-conomizers” and fulfil the highest demand for energy savings from our customers.” 

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