DamVent- Host of a series of Specialized Seminars

DamVent- Host of a series of Specialized Seminars

On the 28th, 29th and 30th of March 2011, DamVent brought leading HVAC designers and Installing companies on specialized seminars for technical training and presenting the new second-generation „е-conomizers”. 

The aim was strengthening the contacts with the designers and to help them with the process of making the projects related to the latest EU norms for energy-saving units with the highest class energy recovery efficiency. 

It was presented the company`s specialized selection software for „е-conomizers”(AHU`s with built-in heat pump)- DV_Select .

Special attention was paid to COP/EER and SFP factors, the newest EUROVENT requirements, and the highest efficiency “plug fans” from Ziehl-Abegg- EC blue types. 

The seminars were held in the newly prepared training room in our showroom. The participants had the chance to visit our factory as well as to see the production process and the latest prototypes.

The specialized seminars from this type, become our distinguished aim in future, having in mind the complicity and the high level of know-how in our complex solutions from the „е-conomizers” series. Proof of that is the forthcoming 3 seminars in Denmark in May 2011.

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