#1000 Damvent max.e innovative ventilation solutions

#1000 Damvent max.e innovative ventilation solutions

May 16th, 2017 will remain one of the most important dates in the history of Damvent Ltd as we finally surpassed the magical number of 1000 sold max.e AHUs(reversible heat pump and plate heat exchanger/heat wheel). This proves that clients around the World appreciate the high quality build of Damvent’s ventilation solutions and their unsurpassed energy efficiency.

It took us almost 12 years to reach this milestone. In the beginning (2005)we were hoping that one day this innovative solution will become widespread, but reaching 1000 was unthinkable. And here we are today, dispatching our 1000th max.e AHU, and counting.

The 1000th AHU itself is one of our most popular designs from our 3rd generation max.e family-max.e3-09(10000m3/h). It is also our 31st max.e AHU for the UK market. It is going to be installed and provide the fresh air ventilation and air conditioning in an office block at 100 Union Street in Central London. This project was realized thanks to our own man in the UK Phil Bullock Country Manager- Damvent UK and our partner for this project MVS Mechanical Services Ltd.

Damvent Ltd would like to thank to everybody who is working or used to work in the company for their great work and dedication reaching and exceeding this milestone.

We also owe this achievement to our partners, clients and all those who believed and supported Damvent Ltd through the years in Bulagria, UK, Denmark, Romania, Benelux, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Moldova, Ukraine, Dubai, Estonia, Macedonia and Belarus.

Thank you again! Without you this couldn’t be possible!   

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